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Barefoot Retreat

Exploring the landscape and the languages ​​of the territory

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a retreat for meeting and collaboration, a space for artists and creatives from all over the world, interested in the soundscape. Our residencies offer a stimulating environment: artists can explore space and recognize sounds, specific to the territories they visit and therefore unique. We also promote moments of reflection on artistic practices and exchange between local artists and artisans.

The goals

Goal of Barefoot Retreat,“the retreat” of BFS, that’s it to connect artistic languages ​​with the territory and with those who live there. Starting from deeply listening to the landscape, immersing ourselves in biodiversity and creating relationships with the inhabitants, we work to activate collaboration and cooperation between artists of different disciplines, encouraging the exchange of ideas, practices, and knowledge.


The ultimate goal is the creation of multidisciplinary artefacts that reflect the richness and complexity of the sound world around us.